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Highland Calf Small Leather Goods hand made in England by Charing Cross Ltd


Magnificent and Elegant, ...coat wallets, billfolds, card cases, pocket jotters, key cases, comb and file sets, bill clips, tray purses, and toilet kits.

We encourage you to ring or visit us ...Charing Cross goods are  beautiful.

Our new web site is and our lovely store is found

at Four Seasons Hotel Washington


Sterling & Burke Ltd Georgetown

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1.202.333.2266 by Sterling and Burke Ltd, Washington, DC 1.800.205.7739 / +1.202.331.4244


Sterling & Burke Ltd ...home, please.

by Sterling & Burke Ltd


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Sterling & Burke Ltd, Washington, DC

Office: 1.800.205.7739 / +1.202.331.4244  Store: +1.202.333.2266

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