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4.5 and 5 Inch Extended Edge Attache Case by Schlesinger Leather / Korchmar (No. A1141)

Schlesinger Brothers Belting Leather Attache Case American Classic

Belting Leather Attache Case by Schlesinger Brothers Leather Goods / Korchmar Leather

Gold Stamp Personalization is available

Chestnut Brown American Belting Leather with Solid Brass Combination Locks

Black Belting Leather with Brushed Nickel Combination Locks: 

 Korchmar Schlesinger Attache Case Brief Case Leather Attache Case Schlesinger Korchmar by Sterling & Burke Ltd, Washington, DC  1.800.205.7739 / +1.202.331.4244


Sterling & Burke Ltd ...home, please.

by Sterling & Burke Ltd


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Sterling & Burke Ltd, Washington, DC

Office: 1.800.205.7739 / +1.202.331.4244  Store: +1.202.333.2266

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