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Finest Quality British Rain Umbrellas  ...used by the Royal Family ...custom luxury umbrellas

The Brigg Umbrella ...the very best of British craftsmanship.  Finest quality classic Umbrellas for Gentlemen, hand made in England.

Each Crook Handle is bent by hand using a fine balance of eye and steam, embellished with either a Gold Plated or a hallmarked Sterling Silver collar engraved with our Royal appointment for umbrella making.

There are two different types of construction, a "solid" where the handle and shaft is one continuous piece of wood or a "two piece" where the shaft is made of  straight wood and the crook handle is produced in cane or covered in leather. Please look at the photograph to the right ...a "two piece" is shown to the left and a "solid" is shown to the right.

You will find two piece construction when selecting the more exotic handles ...Malacca Cane, Whangee (bamboo), Leather Covered and the like.  These handles are typically attached to a straight Tulip wood shaft.  With a solid shaft, or one piece umbrella, the wood portion of the umbrella is one continuous piece of wood.  It will start out perfectly straight in the case of a Maple, Hickory, Oak, and Cherry and then is carved to the exact shape required ...and then bent with steam and heat.  With the "barks" such as a Bark Cherry, Bark Chestnut, Bark Ash, Fired Ash and the Polished Chestnut, the branch must be the proper diameter when it comes off the tree.  With these umbrellas, the crook portion is the actual width of the branch.  In the case of the Polished Chestnut, it would be a Bark Chestnut with the bark removed.  These umbrellas have a little more character and are, possibly considered less formal.  ...Although, a very popular, and fantastic looking, formal umbrella is our Bark Cherry with a Silk Canopy and Sterling Silver Collar!

The frame is made from fine oil tempered steel to ensure even flexibility and unrivalled resilience against the fiercest of weather. The springs are individually crafted from nickel silver and to add strength, all ribs and stretchers are hand wired together.

The Brigg Umbrella canopy is made from the finest quality twill nylon or waterproofed English silk. Again, it is the finer details which set the Brigg apart: amongst them are lacquered metal tips, sewn on by hand, and the fabric band which fastens with a real mother-of-pearl button.

The Brigg umbrella

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Sterling & Burke Ltd ...home, please.

by Sterling & Burke Ltd


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